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Solar Hot Water

You’re making a sound choice with solar hot water


Power of the Sun

Using the power of the sun to heat water at your property could reduce your energy bill. But financial benefits aren’t the only reason solar hot water can be a good decision, it’s a combination of reasons:

  • It’s environmentally friendly – reducing your reliance on non-renewable resources.
  • It could save you money – you’ll use less electricity or gas, which could mean a reduction in your energy bill.
  • It’s affordable – with government rebates available for installing energy efficient solar hot water systems.

Is solar hot water right for you?

It’s important to work out whether installing a solar hot water system is suitable for your situation before you get started. Consider:

  • Do you have a part of your roof which is north facing?
  • Is this part of your roof free from shade between 9am–3pm?
  • Do you normally experience frost at your property?

Because all of these factors matter to get the most out of your solar hot water system.

So how does solar hot water work? Find out here.