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Solar power feed-in tariffs in South Australia

Solar power feed-in tariffs in South Australia.

The South Australian Government has now closed its 2011 Solar Feed-in Scheme to new customers. Only customers who gained SA Power Networks approval for permission to connect a Solar PV system before 30 September 2013, and have the import/export meter install and connection of the Solar PV system into the electricity grid completed within 120 days of 1 October 2013 may be eligible for the 2011 Scheme.

When considering the benefits of solar in South Australia, remember that your potential earnings from electricity fed into the grid are calculated using the net metering system. Under this system only the electricity generated in excess of what you use is fed into the grid, and you receive a feed–in tariff per kWh for this electricity. Of course, any electricity you consume immediately from your own solar system fully offsets the cost of electricity you would have otherwise purchased.

What you could potentially earn.

  • If you have SA Power Networks approvals before 30 September 2013 (and can connect your solar system within 120 days from 1 October 2013) then you will receive 24 cents* per kWh for the first 45 kWh of electricity fed into the grid each day until 30 September 2016^ (comprised of the Scheme feed-in tariff of 16 cents* plus the retailer component of 8 cents*†); and 8 cents* per kWh thereafter for electricity fed into the grid each day (the amount of retailer component)†.
  • If you are a new solar power customer with approved permission to connect received after 30 September 2013 you will receive 8 cents* per kWh from AGL for electricity generated by your Solar PV System and fed into the electricity grid†.
  • If you are a customer with an existing solar installation you may be eligible for different feed-in tariff amounts. Please visit the South Australia Government websiteor call AGL’s Solar experts today on 131 245 (8:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) for further information.
  • Even if you are not eligible for a feed-in tariff from the Government under the Scheme, AGL will pay you 8 cents* per kWh for electricity generated by your Solar PV System and fed into the electricity grid†.

It all adds up.

Over time, the advantages of generating electricity through a Solar PV system can really work for you.

  • With a Solar PV system, you might use less electricity from the grid, because the electricity your Solar PV system generates can help power your home. And using less electricity from the grid means less to pay on your bill.
  • If your Solar PV system generates more electricity than your home requires, you will receive credits on your bill for any excess electricity that is fed into the grid#

Find out more.

Certain AGL electricity plans are not available to solar customers. AGL has a number of electricity plans that are available for solar customers. Please contact AGL on 131 245 to discuss which offers are available to you.

* GST exclusive.
^ Subject to site eligibility for the South Australian Government Feed–in Scheme. Daily feed-in limits apply. The government’s feed-in tariff and daily feed-in limits may be subject to change without notice. For information see
†Any solar feed-in tariff applied by AGL that is not regulated by the SA Government Feed-in Scheme may be varied by AGL.
# Credit amounts received are determined by continuing to meet applicable eligibility criteria.